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Can I Use Borax and Vinegar for Cleaning

Cleaning with Borax and Vinegar

When it comes to multi-purpose cleaner recipes, most homeowners tend to lean on two solutions: borax powder and distilled vinegar. But, is it safe to combine both Borax and vinegar?

Should You Be Cleaning with Borax and Vinegar for Mold?

As you may know, there are many household products that contain many harsh and even toxic chemicals. Some of these products include laundry detergent and chlorine bleach. And, if you’re someone that’s into green cleaning, these solutions certainly go against your goals.

Luckily, both Borax and vinegar are completely safe cleaning products! By using Borax cleaning powder diluted with vinegar and warm water, you’re able to effectively remove any mold problems. Moreover, you can also use Borax as an ecological insecticide, herbicide, and even deodorizer!

What Are Other Vinegar-Borax Uses?

Different Borax Uses

Borax is very well known for getting rid of ugly mold stains in toilet bowls and bathroom sinks. However, you’d be surprised how multipurpose sodium borate can actually be!

For instance, if you’re counting on an ant infestation in your home, then you can use Borax cleaning powder to handle them. Moreover, Borax counts on the cleaning power to whiten up clothes, as well as being a great fabric softener since it’s a water softener.

Lastly, Borax can definitely help neutralize any bad odors going around the house.

The reason why Borax is such a great green cleaner is the fact that it doesn’t contain any phosphates nor chlorine. Instead, it consists of a natural mineral called sodium tetraborate.

When handling Borax, however, be sure to be careful. This is because it can many times cause all sorts of irritation and even pose a big threat if swallowed. Some of these irritations include skin rashes, mouth infections, nausea and vomiting, eye irritation, and even respiratory problems.

For this reason, there are certain precautions you must always have in mind when using Borax.

First, make sure to keep it away from children’s reach. Second, avoid using it as a cosmetic product and handle it with care at all times. This usually means wearing a mask and gloves when using it. Finally, do NOT mix Borax with any boric acid products, such as pesticides.

Which Is the Perfect Ratio for Borax and Vinegar?

Perfect Ratio for Borax and Vinegar

Since safety must come in first place at all times, you must know the perfect vinegar-Borax ratio. And, along with using these two solutions, you must also get yourself some dish soap, or any kind of liquid soap, a small bucket, and an empty spray bottle.

First, start by adding 1 quart, or about 0.95 liters, of warm to hot water to the small bucket. Then, proceed adding a teaspoon of the liquid soap. After that, add only 1 teaspoon of Borax. Finally, mix in ¼ cup of distilled white vinegar.

Once you pour in all of these ingredients, start stirring them until they are completely dissolved.

Lastly, fill in your spray bottle with the solution. In case there’s any mixture left behind, you can always store it by using another bottle.

While this solution works great for floors and countertops, there will be instances in which you’ll need a stronger one. For this reason, if you want to effectively remove any mold, try only adding half a cup of vinegar and half a cup of Borax. Stir them until they turn into a paste.

How to Clean Using These Cleaning Products?

Cleaning Mold Spots with Borax

There are multiple ways to use this solution. That’s why we’ll go over each of these applications, since each scenario requires different steps.

Removing Toilet Bowl Rings

If you’re looking to remove those pesky, dark water lines from your toilet, then you’ll want to go for the stronger solution we mentioned earlier. Apply this paste onto the mold ring. If you wish to whiten up the whole toilet, then apply it to all of the bowl’s surface.

Allow this solution to sit in for one to two hours. After that, scrub the toilet and flush!

Cleaning Bathroom Surfaces and Kitchen Countertops

For countertops and other surfaces, opt for the milder solution. Spray this solution as you normally would when cleaning any type of bathroom areas, mirror, and fixtures.

Getting Rid of Stains on Carpets

Carpet stains are the worst.

Luckily, Borax and vinegar can take care of these spots without any difficulties!

When it comes to these types of situations, you’ll want to mix a cup of vinegar, salt, and Borax each. Then, stir them until creating a paste and apply it onto the stain.

Allow the mixture to do its magic for a couple of hours and vacuum it when it turns dry.

Whitening Up Clothes with Borax and Vinegar

Lastly, vinegar and Borax solutions work great for whitening clothes.

As we all know, chlorine solutions tend to damage a lot most types of fabrics. And, believe it or not, finding a good whitening solution is hard!

Fortunately, vinegar can both whiten and soften your clothes.

If you’re looking for a substitute fabric softener, all you need to do is add ½ cup of distilled vinegar onto the rinse cycle. In case you’re looking to neutralize odors and whiten your clothes, then add ½ cup of Borax and ½ of vinegar.

What Are Some Alternatives for Borax?

Baking Soda as an Alternative

In case you’re not too keen on using Borax for cleaning, don’t worry! Baking soda works as a great substitute. Although its composition is quite different from Borax, baking soda can act as a great alternative since it can handle all sorts of dirt and grime!

Additionally, unlike Borax, baking soda is completely safe for ingestion. In fact, it’s many times used for cooking recipes. For this reason, in case you’re looking to stay on the safe side for when it comes to green cleaning products, then consider opting for a vinegar-baking soda solution.

One thing to keep in mind is that Borax is usually much more effective for whitening purposes.

Whether you opt for Borax and vinegar solution or a baking soda one is up to you! Just remember to stay safe at all times and take into consideration each ingredient.

Keep in mind that if you need help for any cleaning in your house, you can always count on a professional cleaning service! That way, you can be sure that your home will be in pristine clean conditions!

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